Sunsetting ArcMap

Dear Esri Users,
The Higher Ed team for Esri recently announced that they would be sunsetting ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap). Please read their blog post here. We have followed up with our Esri rep with specific questions on how this will affect UF. They have indicated two relevant items:
1) Our number of ArcMap licenses will go from 5000 to 250 on 11/22/22
2) They would like us to discontinue concurrent use licensing for both ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro. For ArcMap, Esri recommends single-use licensing. For ArcGIS Pro, they recommend named user licensing, single-use when necessary, and concurrent use only if absolutely necessary.

You should immediately start the migration to ArcGIS Pro if you wish to continue to use desktop GIS software from Esri under the UF/Esri site license. There are legitimate concerns with the continued use of ArcMap because it’s built on old architecture, which could cause security and/or incompatibility issues with future windows updates.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact GeoPlan. Especially helpful would be any information on why ArcGIS Pro and/or a switch to single using licensing won’t be feasible for you.

Common Questions

When will ArcGIS Desktop (aka ArcMap) no longer be licensed on campus? Starting on 11/22/23 ArcMap will no longer be distributed across campus but there will be a limited number of licenses available. If you need ArcMap because of specific functionality (e.g. HAZUS, ArcSWAT, TBEST, or others) we may be able to make it available, but please contact GeoPlan so we can document this and send the reason to Esri. Starting on 11/22/24 there will be no ArcMap licenses available.

Can university Staff/Faculty/Students install ArcGIS Pro on their personally owned devices? Yes, as long as it’s for University-related work.

What do we do if we manage a lab and use Concurrent Use? We are currently working through the details of this and how to best use Single Use in lab settings.

Will there be a change in price for using ArcGIS Pro? No, providing that Esri continues to charge us the same amount and as long as the number of units chipping in for the site license stays consistent, the charge per unit will not change. It will stay at $100 or $500 per year.

Will students still have access to ArcGIS Pro? Yes, we have functionally unlimited licenses for ArcGIS Pro, please send students here.

Does this have any effect on the use of ArcGIS Online? No, we still have functionally unlimited logins for ArcGIS Online.

Update from Esri as of June 2023
Please see this Blog Post