ArcGIS Pro



Students can install ArcGIS Pro on their personally owned computer as long as it is used for class purposes only (Grant funded work is not permitted). Software can be found here. Downloads must be done from a UF network, consider VPN if you are off campus. Login using the enterprise Login option, and “ufl” as the url, see these instructions for more details.


You can also access ArcGIS Pro via UFApps, which could be your key to success. Make sure you consult with your department’s GIS professor to get some tips on how to use M and R Drives through UFApps.

Faculty or Staff

Faculty or staff can install ArcGIS Pro on UF owned computers only and can be used for Grant funded work. Software can be found here. Licensing is done via AGOL. Please reach out to your instructor or point of contact for GIS in your campus unit to get a license. If you are not sure who this person is please contact GeoPlan..