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To use your Gatorlink account for Esri software Logins (including ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, another other software), please see this page.

We can’t change your Esri password because it’s tied to your GatorLink account. You should be using the same login you use for the majority of other UF related business. For instructions on how to use your Gatorlink to login to Esri products, please see this page. If you don’t know or have forgot your Gatorlink credentials, please see this page for more information from UFIT.

Yes. You should immediately migrate to ArcGIS Pro if you wish to continue to use desktop GIS software from Esri under the UF/Esri site license. After 11/22/22 ArcMap will no longer be available. Please see this page for more details.
The State has decreased the budget allocation for the UF site license for ESRI software. As a result, there is a shortfall in the amount owed to ESRI for the site license, and a user fee is being implemented to cover the shortfall.

The license cost is $100 – $500, depending on your level of use.

ESRI License Levels & Costs

  • Level 1 – $500
    Unlimited seats for Desktop GIS (including ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro) and ArcGIS Online (AGOL). In addition, access to all other ESRI products including ArcGIS Server (including SDE), ArcPad, Business Analyst and any other product included under ESRI site license.
  • Level 3 – $100
    Up to 3 users using GIS in your unit. This only includes ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS Online (AGOL).

Students using Esri software for class purposes can have access to the software for free. If students are using the software for grant funded research, they should contact the point of contact for their unit.

GeoPlan maintains one point of contact for each UF Unit that uses the Esri Site License. This point of contact will be in charge of distributing licensing, software links, and other Esri related information to Esri users in their unit. Other duties include: making sure annual payment towards site license is made, coordinate with GeoPlan if one of their users needs to make a tech support request, keep track of the number of users to determine if the unit is paying at Level1 or Level 3. To determine the point of contact in your unit, please contact GeoPlan.

Current University of Florida students with a email are entitled to free Esri software as long as the software is used for non-grant funded research or coursework. The software must be installed on your own personally owned computer. The following softwares are available for student use:

  • ArcGIS for Desktop – Advanced (ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and ArcToolbox with all the extensions, including Spatial Analys)
  • ArcGIS Pro
  • ArcGIS Online (AGOL)

Go here to get started with download and licensing.

The contact for all LEICA/ERDAS related products and licenses is Joe Aufmuth.
Thanks to a handful of departments and centers around campus, XTools Pro is available for University of Florida owned computers. For more information on xtools, please see their website: If you would like to acquire Xtools Pro, please first run the trial version that can be found at the XTools website. If you still would like the software, then please contact GeoPlan.
Navigate to the following site: > Sign In > Choose “Your ArcGIS organization’s URL” > enter “ufl” > University of Florida > enter GatorLink Credentials

Yes, UF has 5 complimentary passes. Please see this page for more info on obtaining a pass, as well as information on volunteering.

Not natively, but there are options. Please see this page for more info.