Changes to Esri Licensing Agreement

Campus Esri Users,

Esri is making some changes to our licensing agreement that everyone needs to be aware of. Please distribute this to any of your users who are using Esri products under our site license.

  • Starting 11/22/24 – We will no longer have access to single-use or concurrent-use licensing.  The only licensing that we will have access to is Single Sign On (SSO).  This means the only way to get an ArcGIS Pro license will be to use your GatorLink account to log in.  Login instructions are here. This will have implications for secure environments, field workers, and other users working in an offline environment. We are still working with Esri to determine options for the off-line computers.
  • We no longer have unlimited storage in ArcGIS Online (AGOL). We are currently over our storage limit. Currently, there is no penalty for being over the storage limit, but we expect this to change in the future. We should start to clean up anything in AGOL that we don’t need. The most important thing to do is to clean up feature storage that you aren’t using. If you sign into AGOL and go to content, feature storage is anything that has the type “Feature Layer”. For more detailed information, please see our general AGOL information page.
  • Effective 6/13/2024, our user type in AGOL is changing from “GIS Professional Advanced” to “Professional Plus”. While this is not supposed to affect much, we should be aware of this change. If you would like more details on this, see this Esri link. If you experience issues, please contact
  • After 11/22/24, there will be no way to use ArcMap. By now, everyone should know that ArcMap will no longer be available. More information on this is here.
  • A few products are being added and removed:
    • Added: ArcGIS AllSource, ArcGIS Video Server
    • Removed: ArcGIS Developer Subscription, GeoPlanner, Community Analyst (next year)
  • Esri has told us to expect an increase in cost for the site license sometime in 2025. We don’t know the increase yet.