ArcGIS Online User Info

If you plan to use ArcGIS Online (AGOL). please read this important information.
the credit system

ArcGIS Online (AGOL) access is available via the UF Organization, however there are some things you need to know. Many AGOL actions you perform will use credits. Each AGOL user automatically gets 1,000 credits.

We have a set number of credits that are shared by the entire campus for the year. While ESRI is generous with our credits, please keep in mind that it is possible to run out of credits. It is difficult to know how many credits a given operation costs, hence we recommend you monitor your credit use as you use AGOL.

Our recommendations for limiting credit usage:

Joining AGOL under the UF Organization Account

By accepting the invitation to University of Florida:

  • Any items you have in the account you sign in with will become part of the organization’s content and can be modified or deleted by the administrator.
  • Your account will be managed by the administrator who can reset your password, change your email address, and determine access to My Esri and Community and Forums.
  • If you leave the organization there is not a good way to transfer your data and take it with you. There is third party software that will help with this, but it is cost prohibitive.
  • Adding data to AGOL that has more than 1000 features can sometimes give you errors.
  • This is currently a learning process for us here at GeoPlan. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.