ArcGIS Online User Info

Are you using ArcGIS Online (AGOL)? UF has access to AGOL via our Esri Site License. Students, faculty, or researchers can sign in using their GatorLink account. If you plan to use AGOL, please read this important information below.
Your AGOL Account

When you log into AGOL please use your GatorLink credentials (see this video for login instructions).  When you log into AGOL using your GatorLink credentials, you will be joining the UF Organization Account, which provides access not only to the cloud-based mapping and analysis platform, but also other helpful resources such as MyEsri courses, the World Geocode Service (in ArcGIS Pro), and other Esri software licenses such as ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Urban/CityEngine, and many more.

Joining AGOL under the UF Organization Account

When accepting the invitation to the University of Florida AGOL organization (logging in with your GatorLink credentials), please be aware of the following:

  • Content Management: Any items you have in the account will become part of the UF organization’s content and can be modified or deleted by the administrator. Ensure you maintain personal copies of any data you consider critical.
  • Data Transfer: If you leave UF, there is currently no simple way to transfer your data outside of the UF org. If you have important data that needs to be preserved, arrange for the transfer of this data to a colleague who will continue to use it.
  • Account Inactivity: Users that haven’t logged into their AGOL account within the past 3 years will be subject to removal by the administrator. Removal of the account will include all content owned by the user. Regularly access your account to avoid unintended data loss.
  • Data Ownership: All data created or uploaded under the UF AGOL account is subject to the organization’s data policies and governance guidelines. This includes compliance with UF data security, privacy, and sharing policies.
The Credit System

Many AGOL actions you perform will use credits. Each AGOL user automatically gets 1,000 credits.

ESRI allots UF a number of credits that are shared by the entire campus for the year.  While ESRI is generous with our credits, please keep in mind that it is possible to run out of credits for your account.  If you run out of credits, AGOL admins will be alerted. In certain situations, you may be given more credits.

Please use this ESRI page to help you estimate credits for a given operation.

Our recommendations for limiting credit usage:


Uploading data to AGOL consumes storage credits. Storage credits aren’t subtracted from the user’s credits, but they are subtracted from the total credits of UF. Unfortunately, we don’t have unlimited storage credits, and therefore, we need to clean up data that isn’t being used. The most important thing we can do is clean up our Feature Storage. This is storage space that is consumed by feature layers in AGOL.

To see what feature storage you have, sign in to AGOL and go to content.  Feature storage is anything with the type “Feature Layer”. Please see this Esri page for more information on the different types of storage in AGOL.