Geocoding Resources

The GeoPlan Center supports Geocoding (Address Matching) through various methods. The Geocoding Resources page provides easy access to “How To” documents, as well as UF restricted and publicly available street reference data and address locator files.

University of Florida Geocoding Resources

University of Florida Students and Faculty have (FREE) access to ArcGIS Business Analyst through desktop, web, and mobile apps. ArcGIS Business Analyst provides location-based intelligence for planning, site selection, and customer segmentation. Combine demographic, lifestyle, and spending data with map-based analytics for accurate reports and dynamic presentations.
ArcGIS Business Analyst uses HERE© Street Network Data (1.5-2yrs older than Streetmap Premium Data). The UF educational licence agreement allows for campus-wide use for teaching and research purposes.

Business Analyst solution components

Business Analyst is an extension built for use with ArcGIS. Components in the Business Analyst package include the following:

  • Business Analyst Desktop extension software—Provides tools for mapping, reporting, and analysis.
  • ArcGIS Network Analyst extension—Provides drive-time/drive-distance analysis and routing capability.
  • Territory design tools—Provides tools for creating, maintaining, and sharing territories, regions, or districts.
  • Target marketing tools with Tapestry segmentation data—Provides tools for profiling, understanding, and targeting customers and business opportunities
  • Geocoding—Takes addresses of customers, clients, sites, facilities, and more and locates them on a map.
  • Address Coder—Provides tools that streamline bulk geocoding and data appending tasks.
  • Data from industry-leading vendors—Provides content to support Business Analyst-based mapping, reporting, and analytics. Includes demographic, business, consumer, and shopping center data as well as content supporting mapping, routing and geocoding.

Please Note: To acquire access to Business Analyst software, please have your Point of Contact get in touch with the GeoPlan Center. Not sure who your Point of Contact is? Contact GeoPlan.

Publicly Available Geocoding Resources

The University of Florida GeoPlan Center formats US Census Bureau TIGER/Line® Data Files for use in Geocoding Applications. The TIGER roads reference dataset and coinciding locator files can be download from the following link or from FGDL.

Geocoding “How To” Guides