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Licensed Software Available Through the GeoPlan Center

The University of Florida has a site license for Esri Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software. The GeoPlan Center is responsible for administering the ESRI UF site license.

The software is available for UF faculty and departmental use, and can only be installed on a UF owned computer. In addtion, there is a version of ArcGIS available for students who have a valid Gator 1 ID; this version can be installed on a personally owned computer.

Please note: Due to budget constraints at both the state and university level, licensing of ESRI software now has a yearly charge associated with it. The charge will be between $100 or $500 depending on your level of use. If you have already signed up for a license or plan on signing up, we do not require payment until late April.

The following ESRI software is available through the UF Site License.

Click here for instructions on obtaining Esri software.

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