AOI Tool Resilience Report

The nation’s transportation systems are facing significant threats from the impacts of climate change, in particular from increasing heat, coastal flooding and sea level rise (SLR), and heavy precipitation. To protect against the most severe impacts of climate change, data regarding future conditions and climate extremes must be incorporated into the transportation planning, design, and construction process. The goal of this project was to build a tool to mainstream such data and information into the transportation planning process.

In this project, the GeoPlan Center developed an online screening tool (the “Resilience Report”) to systematically and rapidly conduct flood vulnerability assessments for transportation projects. The Resilience Report summarizes and displays analyses of current and future flood exposure for a user-specified area of interest (AOI) anywhere in the State of Florida, though the majority of the current data is coastal flooding.

The Tool currently includes SLR scenarios (NOAA 2017 and NOAA 2022), extent of current high tide flooding, projected days of future high tide flooding, current storm surge zones, and current FEMA flood hazard areas.  This new tool will assist FDOT and its local and regional partners as they prepare the transportation system for the impacts of climate change.

For more information or to request access, please see the page on the Sea Level Scenario Sketch Planning Tool website.