Esri Conference

The UF Esri site license affords us 5 complimentary international user conference registrations. To be eligible for a complimentary registration, you must be contributing to the UF Esri Site License as a level 1 or level 3 user. Because there are sometimes more requests than seats available, we use the the following criteria to equitably distribute these 5 registrations.

First Priority
Presenting a paper or on the panel of a moderated session

Second Priority
Presenting a map in the map gallery

If neither of the above criteria are met and we have more requests than registrations the following will be used to determine priority:

  • Registrations will be distributed evenly across requesting departments
  • Order of which the request is received
  • Whether or not you are a full time employee of UF

To apply for consideration for a complimentary registration, please have your Point of Contact email GeoPlan and indicate whether you are First Priority/Second Priority or neither. On May 1st GeoPlan will notify everyone that requested a conference registration with a definitive answer on whether or not complimentary registrations are available.


Additional notes

  • In the past we have had people sign up for a complimentary registration and not attend the conference. Please be aware that canceling within the last couple weeks leaves the registration useless.
  • If you attended the conference in the past you will probably receive an email from Esri asking you sign up. Please don’t sign up without first contacting GeoPlan.
  • All correspondence must take place via your email address