Esri Conference

The UF Esri site license affords us 5 complimentary international user conference registrations. To be eligible for complimentary registration, you must be in a campus unit that is contributing to the UF Esri Site License. To determine this please contact the point of contact for your unit, not sure who this is, please contact GeoPlan. Because there are sometimes more requests than seats available, we use the following criteria to equitably distribute these 5 registrations.

First Priority
Presenting a paper or on the panel of a moderated session

Second Priority
Presenting a map in the map gallery

Third Priority
All other students, faculty, or staff members.

If we have more than 5 requests, and further prioritization is needed, the following factors will be used:

  • Registrations will be distributed evenly across requesting departments
  • Order of which the request is received
  • Whether or not you are a full-time employee of UF

To apply for consideration for complimentary registration, please have your Point of Contact email GeoPlan and indicate your priority level (1st, 2nd, or 3rd). Starting on April 1st, if there are 5 or fewer total requests for complimentary passes, GeoPlan will start confirming requests. If on April 1st, there are more than 5 requests, GeoPlan will only confirm first priority requests, then on May 1st GeoPlan will notify everyone else that requested a conference registration with a definitive answer on whether or not complimentary registrations are available.

Additional notes

  • You must be registered for the conference to submit a map for the map gallery. Therefore, to be eligible for the second priority status above, you just need to notify GeoPlan of your intentions to submit a map.
  • In the past, we have had people sign up for complimentary registration and not attend the conference. Please be aware that canceling within the last couple of weeks leaves the registration useless.
  • If you attended the conference in the past you will probably receive an email from Esri asking you to sign up. Please don’t sign up without first contacting GeoPlan.
  • All correspondence must take place via your email address

Volunteer at an Esri conference

  • Are you a student looking to volunteer at the conference, see this link.