Capstone Projects

As the fall semester winds to a close and the spring summer begins, it’s time for senior Sustainability and the Built Environment (SBE) students to start thinking about their capstone projects. UF SBE seniors are required to conduct a mentored capstone project on a sustainability-related topic of their choosing. GeoDesign students are expected to include a geospatial component in their projects. The capstone features a Midterm and Final Presentation, a 40-page research paper, and a multimedia vignette (such as a video or story map). You can learn more information about capstone requirements here.

If you’re a student working on your capstone this spring semester, or planning ahead, it can be a good idea to get examples of past capstones. Many are included on the SBE Capstone page. Additionally, GeoPlan’s Student Showcase features two capstones of former SBE Geodesign students: “Haiti’s Deforestation and Energy Use” by Nikesha Medard and “Can Sponge City Infrastructure be Applied in Florida as a Climate Adaptation?” by Isabelle Thomas. We also recommend viewing your peers’ final presentations at the end of the semester!

A screenshot from Nikesha Medard’s Capstone Story Map
A map from Isabelle Thomas’s Capstone paper