Updated ArcGIS Online Page

The University of Florida ArcGIS Online homepage has been updated! The page has undergone visual upgrades, and been redesigned to highlight work from across the university in a Geospatial Showcase and compile UF’s Geospatial Resources.

The Geospatial Showcase highlights a variety of content from across UF on ArcGIS Online within the past year. These story maps originate across many different fields to highlight both the diversity of the work done at UF and the myriad of uses story maps can be utilized for: climate and sustainability, planning, economics, history. Some even function as reports on books or documentaries.

If you would like to have your story map added to the showcase, please feel free to contact GeoPlan.

The GeoSpatial Resources showcase functions as a hub for sources of GIS data across the University of Florida, like the GeoPlan Center, Bureau of Economic and Business Research, and Florida Sea Grant. Also included is a new WebApp designed to introduce people to the Florida Geographic Data Library and allow them to explore a selection of some of the data available for download.